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Are you keen to dramatically boost the value of your home and ensure that it looks absolutely incredible with a unique flair?

We can tick all these boxes and more with a Clapham home extension that will provide you and your family with more space around the property.

When you choose to add an extension onto your home, you need to select an expert team. That’s exactly what we’re here to offer. We understand the local standards and requirements ensuring that we can help you navigate everything from planning permission to the final design when completing your Clapham home extension.

We have worked on hundreds of homes around the area and always strive to ensure that the individual requirements of every client are met. Our main goal is to provide you with a final extension that you love and that becomes a seamless part of your home. Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to provide more information on our services.


house extension in London by Extend a Space

Clapham Kitchen Extensions

The right kitchen can be the ultimate area for your home. A beautiful Clapham kitchen will provide plenty of communal space and may offer panoramic views of the garden. You can prepare food while spending time with your family and have the ultimate area for social activities too.

Unfrotunately, a number of kitchens in Clapham were built without the idea of a communal space in mind. Instead, the focus has been put on creating a practical location while ensuring that the rest of the home has more space. Trends have moved on and now people love spending time in a warm, welcoming, grand kitchen.

We can create a space like this in your property with a seamless Clapham kitchen extension. It will provide everything you need and be the perfect area for you and your family.


Clapham Home Extensions

As well as providing kitchen extensions, we can also design and construct a range of other home extensions that are sure to suit your needs.

Our expert team is skilled at thinking outside the box and leaning into innovative ideas for Clapham house extensions. We can extend your attic, the second floor, or your living room. If you need a space made larger with a beautiful design that perfectly fits your home, then you have certainly come to the right place.

We can build a Clapham house extensions based entirely on your dreams and ideas. Our aim will be to ensure that it fits your needs completely and is guaranteed to impress any guests around your home. We’ll also put the focus on adding new levels of value to your home in Clapham.


Reinvigorate Your Clapham Home With An Incredible Transformation

With our solution at Extend A Space, we promise to completely transform your home with something that is unique. Your home will look astounding while the extension will fit in beautifully with the overall aesthetic of your property.

We can create bespoke and custom designs to match your needs and guarantee that you will love the final look of your Clapham home extension.

Get in touch now to find out how we can unlock the potential of your home.