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At Extend A Space, we’re on a mission to transform homes with stunning, bespoke kitchen extensions. We’ve helped countless people in London transform their existing kitchen spaces, dramatically improving their standard of living, and we can help you too.

Why You Should Use Extend A Space For Your Kitchen Extension in London

The kitchen is at the heart of the home; a place where people congregate at all times of day, whether in the morning for breakfast before a busy day, or in the evening to prepare a meal. The problem for most homeowners is that their kitchens aren’t large enough to accommodate their current living needs. Much of the existing housing stock was built in an era in which the kitchen was a less important communal space than it is today. In the past, kitchens were small and used exclusively for cooking.

Over the last few decades, things have changed dramatically, and now people want functional and beautiful kitchen spaces that double up as communal areas. Data from Which? Magazine suggests that a high-quality kitchen can boost the value of a property by as much as six per cent, meaning that there are financial reasons to choose a kitchen extension as well. A bespoke kitchen extension can add lasting value to a property, no matter when you decide to sell.

The type of kitchen extension that you choose depends primarily on your budget and the kind of house in which you live. Side return kitchen extensions are popular among terraced homeowners in London, especially those that live at the end of the street. Kitchens in terraced properties tend to be small, so a side return extension can be a great way to increase space quickly.

Rear Kitchen Extensions

Rear kitchen extensions are those which project directly out of the back of the house. A popular type of kitchen extension is where an existing kitchen gets converted into a kitchen-diner, with plenty of space to eat, cook food, and relax in the evening.

Many rear kitchen extensions incorporate bi-folding doors that lead out onto a patio, creating a kind of indoor-outdoor space for families to enjoy.

Rear kitchen extensions are ideal for people who do a lot of entertaining. Guests can sit in a snug in the dining area or out on the patio, while you prepare food. There’s no need to break the conversation and go into a separate room.

No matter what the situation of your current rear-facing kitchen, you can transform it with a bespoke design from Extend A Space. Your kitchen might be a small, dark, cramped space at the back of your home. But with a combination of skylights, large windows and bi-folding doors, you can transform it into something completely different.

With all the extra space you have, you can install bespoke cabinets and expand the range of cooking equipment you have to hand. The extra space will make your home more liveable and dramatically improve your quality of life.

Side Return Kitchen Extensions

Side Return kitchens extensions are a popular way to make better use of redundant space to the side of your kitchen, often at the back of a terraced house. Rather than having unused patio space, a side return extension brings unused land indoors and provides a better view of your existing garden.

If your kitchen is too narrow and you’d like to have more space for a dining area or additional seating, then get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation appraisal of your property. A side return kitchen extension can make use of dead space at the side of your property, widen narrow kitchen gangways, and help open up your kitchen space in ways you could never imagine. Instead of having to carry food from one room to another, a kitchen-diner allows you to dine in your new kitchen space, with great views over your rear garden.

At Extend A Space we’ve helped people in London use side extensions to increase space in their kitchens in all kinds of innovative ways. For instance, we’ve helped people install dining areas in previously unused space, complete with skylights to let in natural light. We’ve also helped people who didn’t have space to install kitchen islands for a premium living experience.

If you want to find out more about how we could help you build your dream kitchen extension in London, call us today and speak to a friendly member of our team on 0203 105 0409. We will come to your home for a free appraisal and show you just what you could achieve by partnering with us.