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Living in London means you’re in close proximity to the capital’s biggest attractions and best amenities, but it probably means you’re a little short on space. No matter what your budget, the demand for homes in the City can make it difficult to find a property that really meets your needs.

With home extensions in London from Extend A Space, you can create your dream property, right here in the capital. Our innovative extension designs offer an effective way to maximise the indoor space available to you and will turn your property into your dream home.

house extension in London by Extend a Space

Enhancing your home with house extensions in London

If you love your existing property but you’re tight on space, home extensions London are the perfect option. Enabling you to stay in the property you love but maximise the space available to you, an extension will give you everything you need – and more.

Extending your property can also be a savvy financial move. As well as increasing the value of your property, house extensions London means you don’t have to spend time or money looking for another home.

If you’re happy where you are but you just need some extra space, Extend A Space house extensions London is the perfect solution.

Buying and extending a property in London

If you’re moving to the capital or have got your heart set on a new home, you can ensure it ticks all the boxes by arranging home extensions London. Finding the right property in the City can be tricky. If you’ve successfully located a house you love but it’s a little too small, this needn’t prevent you from taking the plunge.

House extensions London are an effective way of modifying a property before you even move in. Indeed, many homeowners prefer to have their extension constructed before they begin living in their new home.

With a clear canvas, our professional team can complete the project before you set up home and leave you to enjoy your new abode. To find out how our house extensions London could revolutionise your property, contact us at Extend A Space today.

Home extensions London

You know you need more space, but do you know how to go about it? With designs, planning regulations and logistics to consider, it can be hard to know where to start. Fortunately, we’re on hand to provide the professional advice and assistance you need.

With a varied team of experienced specialists, we can handle every aspect of your home extensions London. Maybe you have a clear idea of how you want your new extension to look and simply want us to make it a reality? Alternatively, you may be searching for inspiration and design ideas?

Wherever you are in your property journey, we’ll be happy to help. We specialise in innovative, solutions-led extensions, so you can be sure that we’ll deliver inspiring and unique designs to enhance your home.

If you’re unsure exactly what house extensions London can offer, take a look at the various types of extensions available now:

Single Storey Extension

Designed to expand your ground floor, a single storey extension typically extends into your back garden or via the side of the property.

Double or Multi-Storey Extension

Extending the entire property, you can gain maximum space with a multi-storey extension. Giving you the option to add rooms or make existing rooms much larger, you’ll be amazed at how big your property can be.

Garden Room

Adds living space to your garden and adds a stunning focal point to your outdoor space. With add mod cons and seamlessly connectivity, a garden room adds space to your property, as well as offering privacy and peace.

Side Extension

Makes use of redundant space at the side of your property and can be single or multi-storey.

Wrap-around Extension

Combines a side extension with a rear extension to add a significant amount of space to your home.
Whilst there are various types of home extensions London, we create bespoke designs to suit our clients. Based on your property, lifestyle, needs and preferences, we can create an ultimate selection of design options to truly enrich your home.

Why choose Extend A Space?

With years of experience and a team of specialist professionals, we offer full-service home extensions in London. At Extend A Space, we’re committed to providing custom house extensions London, so you can be sure that we’ll deliver designs and construction that works for you and your family.

To find out more or to arrange house extensions in London now, contact Extend A Space on 0203 105 0409 today or email us at now.